Excellence, Experience, Commitment

Strategic Partner

EVIZI has a large team of technical experts in Vietnam well versed in the latest tools and methodologies used in software development engineering.  Our team has also embraced the “can do” culture of the Silicon Valley and other leading technology centers with a diligent, yet determined, approach to project delivery.

Whether you need full end-to-end development services, QA testing, assistance with Continuous Integration/Deployment, operational support, or any combination of these services, our flexible delivery model allows solutions to be tailored to meet our client’s most complex technology requirements.

End-To-End Solutions

EVIZI offers a full range of software development services including custom application development, product development, application maintenance and support including 24/7 monitoring, Tier 1, Tier 2 and on-site support.  We leverage technology to create powerful, cost-effective solutions that are focused on creating a competitive advantage for your company.

Offshore Benefits/Onshore Control

As a US-based company, EVIZI is fully insured and locally accountable. Our clients receive all of the advantages of outsourcing along with instant access to our management team, operational transparency, and protection of your intellectual property.

With the growing high tech industry in Vietnam, several factors make outsourcing to Vietnam attractive: low labor costs, high quality service, low attrition rates, stable and modern technology infrastructure, a well-educated population, secure IP protection and government support with membership in the WTO. 

By coupling offshore technical expertise with an onshore presence, EVIZI facilitates communication and mitigates the risk of working offshore.

Open Communication

Our team is made up of open and mature communicators who will provide and constructively receive feedback throughout the project lifecycle to achieve the desired outcome.  With regular and timely communication through a variety of channels, we work with the client to quickly identify project issues and work through the optimal resolution.

With our on-shore presence, clients can always reach someone at EVIZI to discuss issues, provide new or updated business requirements, or have an impromptu brainstorming session regarding a new idea.  In fact, we often attend planning meetings in person with our clients to ensure that we are tightly aligned with their business objectives.

Destination Vietnam

  • Gartner lists Vietnam as one of 6 primary locations in their Global Delivery Country Destinations in the APAC Region and a top five location for outsourcing
  • Forbes lists Vietnam in the top 10 countries with Engineering Graduates
  • Tholons ranks Ho Chi Minh City 18th and Ha Noi 19th in the top 100 most attractive software outsourcing destinations in the world
  • CIO.com states that Vietnam’s appeal as an outsourcing destination continues to grow